DC. Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (Dk Dc Comics) por Vv.Aa

Titulo del libro : DC. Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (Dk Dc Comics)
Autor : Vv.Aa
DC. Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (Dk Dc Comics) por Vv.Aa

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Vv.Aa con DC. Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (Dk Dc Comics)

Reseña del editor Fast facts, illuminating info, and tantalizing trivia about the heroes and villains of the whole DC Comics Universe. The latest title in a bestselling series, DC Comics: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know has the lowdown on everyone's favorite DC Comics Super Heroes and Super-Villains, including Superman™, Batman™, Wonder Woman™, The Flash™, Green Lantern™, Aquaman™ and The Joker™. The infographic design of each illustrated, double-page feature gives readers a totally new slant on the DC Comics Universe and its super-powered heroes and villains, fantastic weapons, futuristic technology, strange planets, exotic places and alternate worlds. The punchy, accessible text, incorporates key data, fun facts, lists, quotes and amazing stats, spanning 80 years of DC Comics Super Hero thrills. Information is presented in exciting box styles and illustrated with DC Comics artwork. Themed boxes capture the essence of characters or topics by pinpointing their most unforgettable aspects. Discover Superman's strangest powers and Batman's top death-defying escapes! Find out who wins when Wonder Woman and The Cheetah™ go head to head. Check out The Joker's best and worst days! Learn the greatest secrets of Aquaman's undersea kingdom Atlantis! Explore the darkest corners of Arkham Asylum and Apokolips! These and many more eye-popping revelations and strange, intriguing insights await readers of DC Comics: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know-a book that will inform, delight and enthral DC Comics fans of all ages. TM & © DC Comics. (s18) Biografía del autor Landry Q. Walker is a New York Times bestselling author. He lives in California and is the author of DK Ultimate Guides to Wonder Woman and the Justice League.Liz Marsham began her storytelling career as an editor for DC Comics and Disney Publishing. Liz lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a cat who thinks she is a princess, and a cat who thinks he is a dog. Melanie Scott lives in West Sussex and has been a writer and sub-editor of comic book titles for several years. The books and magazines she has contributed to include the DC Super Hero Collection and DK's DC Comics: Year by Year.Stephen ""Win"" Wiacek has worked in all areas of the comics industry since the 1980s. Stephen lives in London and has contributed to DK's DC Comics Encyclopaedia, and numerous other comic book-related titles.

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