Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven por Rebecca Sugar

Titulo del libro : Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven
Autor : Rebecca Sugar
Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven por Rebecca Sugar

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Rebecca Sugar con Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven

Críticas ""The Tale of Steven is a storybook unlike any other, in an interactive format that tells the same story from multiple viewpoints, inviting the reader to interact with the story as they wish.""--The Hollywood Reporter ""Challenging in all the right ways, heartstring-tugging and entertaining...""--Animation Magazine ""...beneath the surface Tale of Steven is a wonderfully smart commentary on bias and perspective, and how different points of view can all color and reframe the same story...""--Gizmodo Reseña del editor The official picture-book adaptation of ""Change Your Mind"" by series creator Rebecca Sugar! In 2019, Cartoon Network aired a pivotal episode in its Emmy- and Annie-award nominated series Steven Universe: The hour-long special ""Change Your Mind"" revealed the highly anticipated culmination of Pink Diamond's storyline. A companion book to the series, The Tale of Steven tells the story of ""Change Your Mind"" in the same style as the New York Times bestselling The Answer. Featuring an unusual and thought-provoking interactive format, readers will follow the story of Pink Diamond's escape from Homeworld, Rose Quartz's life on Earth, and the creation of Steven Universe, from multiple conflicting perspectives. The Tale of Steven will be an irresistible keepsake for Steven Universe fans of all ages. Ver Descripción del producto

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