Hunt Me Not Comic: Poaching Grounds por David Karanja

Titulo del libro : Hunt Me Not Comic: Poaching Grounds
Autor : David Karanja
Hunt Me Not Comic: Poaching Grounds por David Karanja

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David Karanja con Hunt Me Not Comic: Poaching Grounds

Africa’s heritage is on the brink of extinction and unlike past mass extinctions, caused by other factors, the current crisis is almost entirely caused by us — humans. Wildlife is being slaughtered on an industrial scale driven by human greed and ignorance.However, it is clear that poaching and the illegal killing of wildlife is not an isolated issue. It’s the result of a combination of many different factors and can only be fully tackled by including the entire community. Therefore, in order to realise meaningful solutions, it’s vital that we raise awareness to empower local communities and inspire global citizens, especially the youth, to be conservation-conscious in their daily activities and ensure we “conserve enough of everything.”HUNT ME NOT is an intriguing and evolving comic series born out of “real life” activities played out on the Laikipia plateau, the comic plunges the reader into the dark and daring world of wildlife trophy poaching. As the tale unfolds we’ll eventually travel the world as trophy poaching meets demand that stems from America, Europe and Asia. Hunt Me Not comic series will artistically capture a chain of events that unfold in this dangerous underworld where poaching and other natural resources fuels corruption, money laundering, the sale of illegal arms, terrorism and conflicts across Africa making the world more insecure each day for both humans and animals.Join us and help us raise awareness and save our wildlife.The first issue dubbed "Poaching Grounds" highlights the intricacy of poaching cartels in the African Wilderness.Hunt Me Not Comic #1 “Poaching Grounds” Prologue It is in the middle of a serious poaching crisis that Leshan, a reformed poacher, is hired to become a game ranger at Ol Japeta ranch, which ruffles a few feathers, amongst them Leitato, Leshan’s former associate in the poaching world, and the informants within the ranch who view Leshan as a potential threat to their evil deeds.It however appears the poachers and smugglers have a trick up their sleeve when Brian, a game ranger at the ranch defects to join the poachers in an opposite move of Leshan, during a foiled poaching expedition at Ol Japeta ranch.Who will have the last laugh?

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