NGLIS 90th Birthday Celebrations

By | October 21, 2015

On 8th July 2015, the annual NGLIS Summer Social also doubled as its big birthday bash to celebrate the Network’s 90th anniversary.  The organisation doesn’t actually turn 90 until November 25th (the date of the 2015 Annual General Meeting which will be a smaller, though just as significant celebration) but the committee was keen that the summer social event, which is always well attended, be focussed on this momentous milestone.

The event was held on the House of Commons Terrace, a wonderful venue that allows attendees to wander through the long corridors of the famous building including the breathtaking Westminster Hall, before arriving in a long, wooden floored marquee type room with an external terrace on the riverside.  The warm, dry summer’s evening allowed attendees to sit out on the terrace with their drinks and nibbles.

The House of Commons catering team did us proud with a wonderful selection of finger food, desserts and chocolates and plenty of wine and a very good waiting team who ensured that no-one had an empty glass!  We were very well looked after indeed.

The night was a good opportunity for members old and new to meet and discuss the goings on in both the library and information management sphere and the world at large but we couldn’t let the moment pass without hearing from some of those who had seen NGLIS through some of its 90 years.  The current Chair, Jan Parry gave a short speech, commenting on what an achievement it is for a government network to have such longevity.  She then invited Margaret Wilson, Sheila Pantry and Maewyn Cumming to also say a little about their time at the head of NGLIS (or The Circle of State Librarians as it was previously known).

The event was a great success, the end product of a good deal of work both by the NGLIS Committee and the House of Commons catering staff.  Even the tube strike didn’t prevent an excellent turn out!  The committee would like to especially thank Susannah Foulis of the House of Commons Library, who acted as the sponsor for the event and whose frequent assistance during the organisation stages was absolutely invaluable.

All in all, a great night – don’t forget to join us for another party at the Annual General Meeting in November.

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(Report by Justine Rainbow. Photos by Richard Pearson)